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Wireless load shackels
Release date:2017-05-16 17:05:31
Product Description
Wireless load shackles integrate wireless transmission module and loading weighing module into shackles, whole system including load pin, shackle and wireless readout.
Compared with dynamometer, load shackles have simper structure, due to no height limitation, it especially good at work together with loading test water bag in low working environment.
The normal capacity range are 10 Ton to 100 Ton, and customized capacity can be 1000 Ton.
  Product parameters

Load cell capacity(t) A(mm) E(mm) L(mm) H(mm)
3~5t 36.6 58 102 148
6t 46 74 131 190
10t 51.5 82.5 146 210
25t 73 127 225 313
30t 82.5 146 253 348
50t 105 184 327 453
100t 133 229 419 626

100T load shackles 300 Ton load shackes
300T load shackles First generation wired load shackles
Fourth generation wirless load shackles Load display accessories
Second generation wirless load shackles Second generation wirless load shackles

  • YB-WS-201 sensor display
    YB-WS-201 sensor display
  • YB-WS-201 Wind speed sensor
    YB-WS-201 Wind speed sensor
  • YB-WS-202 sensor display
    YB-WS-202 sensor display
  • YB-WS-202 Wind speed sensor
    YB-WS-202 Wind speed sensor
  • oil storage sac
    oil storage sac
  • Water storage bladder
    Water storage bladder
  • Gas pocket
    Gas pocket
  • overload protection system
    overload protection system
  • Load proof water bag
    Load proof water bag
  • Lifeboat test water bag
    Lifeboat test water bag
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