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Lifeboat test water bag
Release date:2017-05-16 17:05:00
Product Description
Small capacity water bag, normally produced as pillow type, capacity range from 100 kg to 500kg. 12 pcs of bags and water supply system make up one loading test system.
Due to system loading weight can be distributed averagely, it normally used for testing all kinds of load-bearing structures, such as lifeboat, gangway, bridges, elevators and decks.
With advantage of easy to operate and transport, cost-effective and can be used in harsh working conditions, it have received popular recognition from many clients.
  Product parameters

model  capacity(kg) Size(mm) handle net weight
 diameter  length
YB-WD-100 100 440 850 2对  4kg
YB-WD -250 250 440 1700 3对  6kg
YB-WD -375 375 440 2600 4对  7kg
YB-WD -400 400 460 2600 4对  10kg
YB-WD -500 500 500 2600 4对  13kg 

12 Head Distributor 500KG lifeboat test bag
customzied bag gangway test bag 2
gangway test bag gangway test water bag
inlet lifeboat test water bag
  • YB-WS-201 sensor display
    YB-WS-201 sensor display
  • YB-WS-201 Wind speed sensor
    YB-WS-201 Wind speed sensor
  • YB-WS-202 sensor display
    YB-WS-202 sensor display
  • YB-WS-202 Wind speed sensor
    YB-WS-202 Wind speed sensor
  • oil storage sac
    oil storage sac
  • Water storage bladder
    Water storage bladder
  • Gas pocket
    Gas pocket
  • overload protection system
    overload protection system
  • Load proof water bag
    Load proof water bag
  • Lifeboat test water bag
    Lifeboat test water bag
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