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YB-WS-202 sensor display
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Release date:2018-03-08 11:03:30
Product Description
Digital Wind Speed & Direction Controller micro controller based development, used to measure the instantaneous wind speed and direction and the mean wind speed and direction, with a display, limit alarm and data communication functions. the design has a strong anti-RF, anti-electromagnetic interference protection circuit, with good reliability, high precision display advantages. Used in factories, power, ports, factories, mines, wind turbines and other large machinery and equipment to monitor wind speed and direction.

Product Features
■ Adjustable buttons on panel, easy to set in the filed
■ Protection circuit for strong anti RFI & EMI
■ Contact capacity: 1-2 set Relay contact output, 10A/220VAC
■ Built- in Relay, early warning and alarm function

Product Scope
■ Working aloft testing and control
■ Engineering machine testing and control
■ Port and wharf environment testing and control
■ Other industrial automation about wind speed and wind direction testing and control

Technical Index                                
Testing range Wind speed: 0-50m/s,   Wind direction: 0-360°
Display resolution Wind speed : ±0.1m/s,  Wind direction: ±5°
Display error Wind speed : 3%FS,  Wind direction: ±22.5°
Signal input  (Optional) Wind speed: Voltage: (0-5/10V), Current :(4-20mA), Pulse
Wind direction: Voltage:(0-5/10V), Current :(4-20mA)
Power supply 12~30VDC,    110VAC,  220VAC 
External supply for sensor 12VDC or 24VDC
Contact capacity 2set Relay contact output, 10A/220VAC
Wind speed alarm control Pre-alarm Relay 1 action, terminals No1, COM1 connection Normal NC1, COM1 connection
Alarm Relay 1 action, terminals No1, COM1 connection Normal NC2, COM1 connection
Relay 2 action, terminals No2, COM2 connection Normal NC2, COM2 connection
Buzzer, promoting the sound output
Alarm:Red LED twinkle, the buzzer ring continuously,  Relay contact action
Analog output Iout1, Iout2 4~20mA current loop output, set the wind speed and direction
corresponding to the linear range (less than 500 ohm load);
Communication  RS485 digital communication output
Working Environment Temperature: -20°C~+50 degree
Humidity ≤80%RH
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    YB-WS-201 sensor display
  • YB-WS-201 Wind speed sensor
    YB-WS-201 Wind speed sensor
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    YB-WS-202 sensor display
  • YB-WS-202 Wind speed sensor
    YB-WS-202 Wind speed sensor
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